You will have realized by now if you are a fan of volleyball or basketball that the vital component of these sports is jumping. In other words, your ability to jump determines your success as a basketball or volleyball player. Apart from that, jumping is also significant for anyone who wants to partake in the Olympics. However, it is a known fact to us all that increasing jumping is very difficult. Since the conventional training offers little or no help for increasing vertical jump, there is a demand for a specific program that focuses on increasing vertical jump.

The good news for you is that there is a program named jump manual which is capable of meeting such demand. Jump manual is a program created by Jacob Hiller with the primary purpose of increasing vertical jump. Without a doubt, you would have heard the name of this program before but now is the time to know all that is inclusive in this program before you get access to it. And now that you are here, you have reached the ideal page, so congratulation to you because I’m going to give my candid view concerning this program.

Since it was released in the year 2007, this program the Jump Manual has been nothing but the gold standard for dunkers, but the question is that if it is still your perfect choice for becoming a 40+ inch dunking machine. Can up to 10 inches be added to your vertical jump within three months by this program? Find out precisely things that need to be done for you to become an explosive dunker as well as why this program is considered to be the best in the business.

About The Jump Manual

About The Jump Manual

Jump Manual is an extreme workout program designed by an expert known as Jacob Hiller for everyone who desires to increase their vertical jump. Secret strategies that can help to increase the vertical jump up to 10 inches are shared by Jacob Hiller in this program. Also, a quick-fix technique that can add 4 inches in vertical jump immediately is shared by Jacob.

Compared to other programs in the market these days, this program concentrates on only one or two basics of vertical jump. On the other hand, you will also discover nine basics for the vertical jump in this program, and that is why this program is the first choice for modern athletes. Strength, Neurological Recruitment and Condition, Fuel, Stability and Balance, Form, Flexibility, Body Composition, and Hereditary Factors are the nine fundamental that Jacob discussed in details in the first chapter of this program.

Moreover, the chapter 4 of this program contains the list of food which will be helpful in making your bones as well as muscles to be strong. Consuming such foods will add to your flexibility and quickness which will allow you to jump even higher. Again, Jacob explained how the portable nutrition plan that you can carry around could be created.

The chapter 8 of this program is the most important of all the chapters because you will get to know workouts which are mainly focused on increasing the vertical jump including the workout videos that will help you get these workouts done carefully. Undoubtedly, this program is designed for basketball/volleyball/athlete players; however, other people who desire to increase vertical jump can utilize this program to their advantage. This program comes with a big promise that 10 inches will be added to your vertical jump and that is a guarantee.

You don’t need to be skeptical about the ability of The Jump manual to deliver on this big promise because it does. The brain behind this program has incredible credentials as well. His name is Jacob Hiller, a certified trainer who knows it all regarding the skill of vertical jumping and thousands of others have been taught by him on how to get it done pretty well.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

Coach Jacob Hiller - Creator of The Jump Manual

The creator of The Jump Manual is Jacob Hiller. Jacob is well-known throughout the world as a trainer who worked with countless of athletes including NBA players and Olympic athletes. Hiller is among a couple of trainers worldwide who specialize entirely in the area of vertical leap training, and he has assisted a large number of athletes to enhance their vertical jump over time. With more than 15 years of experience under his belt, Jacob has perfected the art of vertical training down to a science and has obtained some unique insights regarding jumping through the course of his training.

The truth is, there is a great deal of misinformation that gets spread around on the web nowadays that it’s effortless to get perplexed by the scams spread by marketing “gurus” and those who have virtually no expertise in the field. That is not the instance here, however. Hiller is a specialized fitness trainer by the ACE (American Council on Exercise), and his strategies and methods are tried and tested, so you can be confident that you’re obtaining the correct information from a reputable source. In his guide book, he busts a number of misconceptions and shows you precisely what works and what doesn’t, to allow you to concentrate on things that do and avoid all the issues that result in failure/mediocre outcomes.

How Jump Manual Works?

It is the 12-weeks jump enhancing program that begins by offering the science behind jumping as well as parts of the body that are essential for leaping. After that, users will discover the nutrition section in which they are going to identify nutrients and minerals that play a crucial role in jumping. The foods that Jacob presented in this part make bones strong and improve the flexibility, and that is one of the elements of vertical jumping.

Jacob Hiller also designed support page specifically for the members of this program where they will be able to seek assistance from the team behind the program. Users will also have access to “Elite Jumpers Forum” where they are able to communicate with other users and seek advice from other members. The most important advantage that Jacob Hiller offers is the 30-days face to face consultation where members can meet with Jacob Hiller.

Overall, I can admit that this program is the most suitable for anyone people that are already in some type of sports or possess the potential to take part in it. It is essential to individuals with heart issues to seek physique guidance before you start the program.

The Nine Variables of Vertical Jump

  • Strength

Should you not have the energy and have weak legs, there will be a limitation to your jumping ability. You can only improve your strength by having strength training. However, not every training can assist you in developing your vertical jump. The focus of Jump Manual is to build fast-twitch muscle fibers that are also known as Type ll muscle fibers, which are responsible directly to how swiftly your body muscles are able to produce force.

  • Quickness

Once you are able to generate it quickly, it won’t matter the force. Your jumping ability will be more explosive if your muscles can contract faster.

  • Muscle Recruitment

Your jumping ability will be reduced if your muscle fibers aren’t recruited to develop maximum force. The Jump Manual place more emphasis on max-effort training to ensure that your body is conditioned to utilize each muscle fiber and maximize your ability to jump.

  • Form

Various muscle groups are used by your body when performing jump movement. Hence, it is essential to ensure that they all work together collectively in a synergistic manner. You will be able to do that if you develop proper form and enhance your technique.

  • Nutrition

One essential part of the vertical jump which is usually overlooked is obtaining the right nutrients that will allow your muscles to recover as quickly as possible and grow after each workout is completed. The same also goes to eating before and after exercises since your muscles need to be given the required fuel to function at their optimum level.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is essential from a number of standpoints. First and foremost, your muscles require the full range of movement to be able to contract as strongly as possible (a long muscle can contract more than a short muscle). Secondly, none-flexible muscles and tissues are very vulnerable to injury. Thirdly, the resistance of other muscles (agonist and antagonist) needs to be lowered to enable the muscles to contract effectively. For that reason, it is essential that you work on versatility when training for the vertical leap, which explains why there’s a big focus on it in the manual.

  • Balance

In the event that your muscles and joints are not stable, other parts of the body are required to absorb the force generated during jumping; meaning a crucial part of your vertical leap potential is being wasted.

  • Body Composition

Your jumping ability is also determined by your weight, which means any additional weight you have lower your jumping potential. The good news is that this program offers a concrete solution on ensuring your body is in peak shape for maximum jumping ability.

  • Hereditary Factors

In conclusion, your jumping ability is also determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. Some can naturally jump high because they have lots of fast twitch fibers, while others struggle. Luckily, with a program such as The Jump Manual, your slow-twitch muscle fibers can be retrained to function like fast-twitch fibers, which can make anyone leap explosively. You will not get a more comprehensive and complete vertical jump program better than The Jump Manual. It contains all you need to know regarding the mechanics of vertical jumping.

What are the benefits of using this program?

The Pros

  • Training Routine

The exercises, as well as the concepts behind them, are all but sure to offer you considerable and constant benefits provided that you follow the guidelines.

  • Good Option for People with Injuries

Since the program concentrates on safe and managed movements, along with developing a strong foundation, The Jump Manual is perfect for those who have prior injuries or people who are a little older. You can begin slowly and develop on your improvement, accomplishing incredible results and enhancing your durability along the way.

  • Step-by-Step Training

Jacob classified this professionally which make it easy for anyone to get engaged in this program and begin following the program immediately. Every piece of information available in this program is in the orderly manner that makes it effortless for everybody to stick to it without any issue.

  • One-on-One Coaching

Jacob Hiller is offering one-on-one training for a very limited time. Ensure you grab the copy of Jump Manual before this offer comes to an end. Through one-on-one training, you will get a personal email of Jacob Hiller where you can chat with him or seek advice from him.

  • Portable Nutrition Plan

Jacob does an excellent job of simplifying the nutritional plan to ensure it is as easy as possible to use every day. Having said that, you should expect to make a huge dedication to your daily diet if you wish to reap the most benefit from this program. A big part of the achievement is offering your system with the required fuel before, during and after the exercises.

  • Overall Basketball Performance Improvement

The great advantage of having a huge vertical is the fact that it translates to all areas of your game – you’ll turn out to be a better rebounder, a much better defender, and a more leading player in virtually every area of the game.

  • Best Program for Preventing Injuries

The Jump Manual takes considerable time discussing the suitable form and focusing on your stability. Therefore, you have a strong groundwork for steering clear of any injuries which might be a little more likely after you boost your athletic potential.

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Jump Manual’s creators are so optimistic that it will provide you with excellent results that they’re offering an incredible 60-day cash back guarantee. Meaning that you’re not risking anything if you attempt the program – you have two months to discover if it really works for you, and if you don’t get results, it is possible to request for a complete refund.

The Cons

  • Time Consuming

Maybe the biggest downside of the program and one that prevents many people from ever seeing good results with it is just how time-consuming it can be. The sapping exercises that usually take around two hours, the strict diet and the necessity for tools; all imply that you’ll need a lot of commitment and time on your hands to have the ability to perform the program appropriately.

  • Not Suitable for In-Season Training.

Since the program is indeed stressful on the body and takes a strict recovery regimen during the off-days, it is not appropriate to utilize during the season. So, except if you’re a very healthy athlete who’s accustomed to a lot of workloads, I wouldn’t advise carrying it out all through the season. You’d be a lot better off carrying it out before the season when the time is on your side.

  • Takes Longer to see Results.

While The Jump Manual is incredibly useful in the long-term, the program isn’t the perfect option if you’re trying to gain inches as quickly as possible. In reality, it could even reduce your vertical slightly at first because of the hard weight lifting workout.

  • Available Only Online

Jacob offered every piece of information in secret membership page so it does not have any PDF file that you could download and read anywhere. You need to gain access to membership area each time you wish to read the information.

  • Not a “Miracle” Pill

Always we want to get immediate results, and the majority of us don’t realize results take time. Jump Manual is the broad vertical jump improving program that needs some time.

The Jump Manual Bonuses

Here are a few bonuses that have the most effect on your vertical jump:

Instant Inches

How To Jump Higher In 45 Minutes

To get this done, it is not through some magical exercise; instead, it is by making you understand some aspects of vertical training which you can implement instantly. And you can be amazed by the results. You will get to know about the miracle Static Stretches which assist your muscles and tendons build the full range of movement that can immediately add 2-4 inches to your vertical.

Plateau Busters

Plateau Busters

A lot of ambitious dunkers give up on their goal just because regardless of how hard they train, they simply can’t make any improvement after a specific point. It’s an incredibly comprehensive questionnaire that permits you to undergo every possible issue and find out precisely what is keeping you from improving.

Bodyweight Basketball Training

Finally, for those that don’t have accessibility to the fitness center or tools, Jacob has designed the Bodyweight Basketball Training module, which takes the place of all the weight-based exercises with bodyweight exercises, enabling you to perform the program virtually everywhere.

Final Verdict

According to the research, proper training helps the muscles to supply extra power required when there is an upward movement in the body. Since Jacob Hiller shared proven strategies and techniques which increase the vertical jump in The Jump Manual, it is regarded as the most excellent vertical training program by Fadeaway magazine. The Jump Manual will not only enable you to boost your vertical jump but also improves your basketball skills as well as overall physical strength and athleticism.

This program might be too hard to follow for people who have a job or school since tremendous commitment is required on your part. Should you complete the program, you are sure to have a strong vertical which will enhance your game and assist you to achieve the dream of every basketball player but only achieve by a few, that is, the ability to dunk. Without hesitation, I vouch for Jump Manual if you genuinely want to improve your vertical jump.